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How to Floss Around Your Dental Implants in Allen

November 6, 2018

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preparing to flossFlossing is an essential part of your daily oral hygiene routine. That thin piece of string has the power to remove plaque and food particles from between your teeth, thereby helping you prevent cavities, staining, and bad breath. But if you have dental implants in Allen, you might be a little worried about how to floss in a way that won’t compromise their well-being. Here is some guidance on how to floss around your new teeth.

Be Gentle

When you floss around your natural teeth, you have a defense mechanism that warns you if you’re getting a little too aggressive. The ligament that attaches your tooth to your bone will send a pain signal to your brain and let you know that you should ease up a bit.

Dental implants, however, are not connected to the bone via ligaments, so if you accidentally push the floss too far into the gum pocket, you won’t have any pain to tell you that you’ve taken a misstep. The bottom line is that you should always be gentle when you floss around your implants, and never “snap” the floss between your teeth.

Be Thorough

You shouldn’t let fear of damaging your gums or the area around an implant hold you back from flossing. That is because oral hygiene is perhaps the most important key in making sure that your beautiful new teeth stay strong and healthy for years to come. When you’re flossing around your implants or between your natural teeth, you should:

  • Keep the floss wrapped around the middle finger of each hand, and use your thumbs and index fingers to guide it between your teeth.
  • As you move from tooth to tooth, roll the floss between your fingers so you’re always working with a clean section (you should start out with about 12 – 18 inches of floss).
  • Gently move the floss along the sides of both your teeth. Pay extra attention around the gum line because you don’t want any plaque or food particles to remain there.
  • If you have an implant-supported bridge or denture, use a floss threader to help you clean the area beneath your prosthesis.

Be Willing to Ask for Help

If you’re nervous about flossing around your implants, or you just can’t seem to get the hang of proper flossing technique, ask your dentist or periodontist in Allen for help. They’re an expert on dental implants and oral hygiene, so they can coach you on the techniques you should use to maintain a clean mouth. They may also help you find a floss that is the right thickness for your teeth and recommend other products that can work with floss to contribute to your smile’s long-term well-being.

Oral hygiene plays a huge role in helping your implants thrive. Use the above tips to make sure your flossing game is at its best.

About the Author

Dr. Fatima Robertson is a periodontist who has extensive experience in helping patients maintain gum health. She is also an expert on dental implants. To learn more about implants or how to care properly for them, contact our office at 214-509-9011.

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